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It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

~ Aristotle Onassis

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Semi-Hiatus Notice!

{I am so sorry for not being on recently. School’s been absolutely hectic due to it nearing the end of the year. So, I am dreadfully busy with Beta Club, AP, and honors classes. I don’t even have time to log on over here.

So, I will have to call a semi-hiatus until the end of the school year or after the AP test. I know. It totally sucks. I don’t necessary want to do it. I love getting on this blog everyday and RPing some shenanigans.

But, alas, my schoolwork comes first, and I’m just too tired to get on here at the end of the day. That or I don’t have anytime at all. So, semi-hiatus it is.

I will try to make a queue for you lot as soon as I can. I’ll probably only be able to come on properly on weekends; even then I can’t be sure. But thank you all for sticking with me so far and I hope you lot will continue! I’ll miss you, darlings!}



              ❝Yes ; well considering that it’s visit was not
                 the best of time for conversing. Though
                 the treat was a bit on the sweet side ;

                                                        [             Considering she was accustomed to
                                                                                            the taste of human flesh. ]
              I think Jenny quite enjoyed them however.❞

              ❝Yes, well, suppose it’s good that we have
                  the present. Always is a Brilliant time for
                  conversing. Well, usually.

   [ She didn’t like them? Sure, she was used to a meaty diet, but 
                               pontefract cakes were brilliant! Everyone loves a good pontefract cake! ]

              ❝Still, always good to have something a
                 bit sweet from time to time. Oh! She liked
                 them? Good!

Make Me Choosemodestclick asks: Eleven’s brown jacket or purple jacket?


"Strax fancied them very much, as did I.
                  Thank you.” 


  "That was quite an adventure, wasn’t it?
   Gave us all quite a scare.     ‘Least we’ll
   all alive and well, yeah? Glad to see you
   made it out with out a scratch. And Ms
   Oswald.. she’s alright as well?” 

   "Ah? Really? Good, good!
                  You are very welcome.

  "Was a bit of a scare, yeah. Definitely
     got a bit spooky there, 
for a bit. Are-
     Are you okay, by the way? Oh! Clara?
     Yes, Clara’s good. Clara’s fine. Back 
      on Earth. She’s teaching now. She’s
      happy; she’s safe.”


{Guess who’s still kicking.}

{I know, I haven’t been online for like 2-ish days now. I’ve been side-tracked with my new RP blog, and yeah, I don’t have a better excuse. Please don’t hate me. I’ll be on soon enough! I promise!}

ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀɪᴄᴇ ᴏғ ғʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍ

{I FINALLY FINISHED IT! Sure I still have some pages to make, but over all I’m happy with this blog. Anyway, I’ll probably be here for quite a while. So, feel free to follow, darlings!}

{Welp, I’m off to read some Captain America comics, and possibly rewatch the first movie. I will get to replies soon enough! I promise! Anyway, I’m off. Liberty Bonds.}

Anonymous asked:
Hi I would really love to rp with you but I am not entirely sure where to start :/ my character is an oc companion :) I just thought I'd say I love your blog too :)


{Hey there, sweetheart! So, here’s a quick tip on that, just hop into my ask and ask to RP! Or you could reply to a meme or something I might’ve reblogged sometime! I really don’t mind! Actually, I can say that I would love it! Also you’re too nice! *hugs* Thanks sweetheart!}