Hello! I'm the Doctor! You can call me the Oncoming Storm, John Smith, The King of Okay, Not Mum, Chin Boy, or the Raggedy Man. You can call me almost anything, but I prefer the Doctor.
I travel through time and space with my companions. And I'm here to help!
So, if you ever need me, make a wish. That usually works.



❝ ... ωнєη I ωαѕ ℓιттℓє ℓιкє уσυ I dreamt of the stars.
I тнιηк ιт'ѕ ƒαιя тσ ѕαу, ιη тнє ℓαηgυαgє σƒ уσυя αgє,
тнαт I lived my dream.
I owned the stage.
Gανє ιт a hundred and ten percent. ❞

{I do not own the art used in my background. The rights to this fan art goes fully to this amazing artist.}
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             ( It’s not that he doesn’t get it; 
               it’s just that he doesn’t get it…
               at all. He’ll never admit to it.
               Ever. )

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         ❛ A month! And entire month, River!
                                       With nothing but otters! ❜

                  ( Not that he minded it too much.
                     The otters just happened to be
                     quite hospitable  well, besides
                     Sophia. She had quite a temper
                     on her. )

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{So, yeah, I’m pretty much back now. I’m a bit off schedule but hey I’m actually back. Mind you I will be deleting most- if not all of my drafts. Also my tags will be changed. I will now be tagging more (like how long a reply is, if a gif icon, icon, or gif is used in the reply, ect.). I am working on my verse page and icons.

But anyway, I’m pretty much back. Yay?}

[ He is returning ]

{Yes, I am returning to this account. Slowly, mind you, meaning in a week or so, I will be able to actually role-play on this account.

For now, I am currently remaking my theme, tags, and pages. So, yes, this is sort of a revamp. Sort of. It’s more of a revamp of the look of my blog, not the actual content, so yeah. 

Also, I will be deleting most of my drafts, other than most of my new-ish convo drafts. If you would like to continue and RP, if you would like to me write a starter for you when I return, or if you would like to talk or plot out an uber amazing para or plot! Also, I will be cleaning out my follow list throughout this week/revamp.

I’m both excited and scared to return to this account, but hey, for what it’s worth I can’t wait to role-play with you lot!}

{Hey, darlings. I case you didn’t notice, I haven’t been on a lot recently. I am dreadfully sorry to keep you hanging, darlings!

Anyway, my muse for Eleven has just disappeared. School is coming up so I’m attempting to finish up my summer work; I will also have several AP classes this year. I have to start studying for the SATs soon, and the Anna to my Elsa (Frozen reference for the win!) is heading off to college. Also, there has been a recent tragedy in my family; so, I’ve been more lethargic and downtrodden recently. I suppose, that may be one of the reasons why my muse has run away.

Anywho, I am terribly sorry, darlings, but I need to call an official hiatus. I really hate to, but I must. I’m no good to you lot without my muse and I can’t just continue to keep you all just waiting until I get online every other week or two. Mind you, this isn’t an indefinite hiatus, I do plan to return at some point, once everything calms down and sorts themselves out. That being said, I am not sure when the exact date of my return will be. I just know it won’t be today or tomorrow for certain.

And, mind you, I also am not leaving Tumblr completely, I will be on my other two main-ish RP blogs, my Steve Rogers/Captain America and my Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert. I would love to continue to interact with all of you, as much as I can, whether it be in character or out of character!

Again, I am dreadfully sorry to put the Doctor on hiatus. I still do love him dearly, but he’s just not cooperating right now. Suppose he’s off gallivanting through space and time or something.

Keep in mind, I will try constantly to regain his muse. So, I promise I will try to come back to this blog soon!}

{Okay, so I have to get up early tomorrow. So, I suppose I should be off to bed! Good-night darlings!}