Hello! I'm the Doctor! You can call me the Oncoming Storm, John Smith, The King of Okay, Not Mum, Chin Boy, or the Raggedy Man. You can call me almost anything, but I prefer the Doctor. I travel through time and space with my companions. And I'm here to help! So, if you ever need me, make a wish. That usually works.
{Independent RP blog for the 11th Doctor, post 'The Day of the Doctor,' and pre 'Time of the Doctor!' Tracking: theraggedymadman}

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

~ Aristotle Onassis

"Oh! People! Brilliant! Rather like people!"

"Hello, you lot! Let’s see! Rory the Roman! Blimey, it’s good to see you! And… Jenny? How are you- You’re alive! How? Ah! Yes! New faces! Hello! I’m the Doctor. Just the Doctor. And you are?"

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    "It’s just the Doctor. Well, actually, I have quite a few other names: John Smith, The King of Okay, Not Mum, the...