"Really?" The Doctor mumbled, a hint of annoyance slipping into his voice, as the Hoix, he had been chasing for quite sometime now, ran into another hallway. Well, he wasn’t always the one chasing the other. Actually, the Hoix had been chasing him a good amount of the time. He had only just begun chasing the Hoix. The madman quickly ran after the other alien to find quite a few people awaiting him, some old faces and some new. 

"Oh! Hello there! I’m… with him." He gestured to the other alien. "Well, sort of, I suppose we aren’t really together. We had a bit of a misunderstanding, suppose you could say. Long story. Don’t ask."

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    "Were you expecting me to?" He rose an eyebrow then smiled a bit. "I’m Dimitri. And..you are?"
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    "Good." The madman grinned to the other man. Someone actually listened to him and didn’t ask! That was rather rare...
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    The fact that James had landed in some sort of building confused him. But what annoyed him the most that he couldn’t...
  4. a-touch-of-frost said: He looks at the alien and the man chasing the alien, raising an eyebrow and leaning against his staff with a small grin. “Right, right. Well I’m going to ask anyways: what’s with the alien?”